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Bring your static SVG designs to life with SVG ANIMA – the ultimate free and unlimited online SVG animator! No time limits, no export restrictions, and no coding skills required! Start animating today with SVG ANIMA!

The ultimate SVG animation generator


Transform your static designs into lively animations – for free with SVG ANIMA! Create captivating and professional SVG animations quickly and easily, no coding skills required.


Export an infinite number of SVG animations with no time restrictions and create endless loops. Unleash your creativity with SVG ANIMA. To infinity and beyond!


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Cross-Compatible SVG Animations

Create Dynamic Animations for Any Device with SVG ANIMA: Export One Animated SVG file, compatible with All Browsers and Mobiles!







Which Animations ?

Unleash your creativity and take your digital designs to the next level with our cutting-edge SVG animators, offering a wide range of exciting features : including morphing, path-following movement, scaling, rotating, skewing, color and opacity customization, stroke manipulation, and advanced filters options – all available for free right at your fingertips through our SVG ANIMA app!

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Unlock Interactive Creativity:

✔️ Interactive SVG Magic: Choose from 32 combinations of dynamic hover, click and scroll interactions. Every interaction is an opportunity for creativity.

✔️ Effortless Speed Adjustment: Modify animation speed with a single click! Preview your changes in real-time and achieve perfect timing.

✔️ Easy Bulk Color Editor: Easily change colors using a user-friendly color picker or precise hex values. Watch your SVGs come to life with colors that match your vision.

✔️ Hassle-Free Process: Simply import your animated SVG, unleash your creativity with our intuitive tools, and download your new, interactive SVG animation. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

✔️ Elevate User Engagement: Captivate your audience like never before. SVG ANIMA Pro elevates your content, turning every interaction into an unforgettable experience. Your animations aren’t just seen; they’re felt.

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Try SVG ANIMA Pro Export


Edit the speed of your SVG





Edit the colors of your SVG


Choose how your animation starts and stops

Animation start
Starts when the page loads.
Starts when the mouse is over the SVG.
Starts when the user clicks on the SVG.
Starts on scroll when the SVG is visible.
Animation end
Continue to play the animations.
Ends when the mouse is outside the SVG.
Ends when the user clicks on the SVG.
Ends on scroll when the SVG is not visible.
On End
Pause the SVG animation.
Restart the SVG animation.
Add link
Add a link to the SVG

Easily Animate Lines using SVG ANIMA

Create an animation where the line appears to be drawing or erasing itself, as if by magic. Using Stroke Offset and Stroke Dashes, animating SVG lines is made simple and easy. Impress your audience with captivating animations without any coding knowledge.

Master SVG Animation

Ready to blast off into the world of SVG animation? Our tutorial videos will guide you through the cosmos of animation, helping you create stunning visuals that are truly out of this world. Join us today and unleash the full potential of your web designs!

How it works ?

SVG ANIMA is an Open Source software based on Anigen by Ondřej Benda: Its source code can be downloaded here: Download Source.
For more information on how SVG ANIMA works, please see our Tutorials :

1. Prepare Your SVG​

Start with a clean and structured SVG file.

Choose which elements you want to animate, create groups of elements to animate and name your layers and layer groups. This will help you later on and will make the creation of animations faster and easier.

2. Animate your SVG

Enjoy free and easy online SVG animation.​

Your SVG file is now ready to be animated, you can import it into the SVG animator. Go to, click on “Choose an SVG file”, select your file and enjoy.